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FAR MORE Rewards is a frequent loyalty programme designed to reward members who book corporate stays at Far East Hospitality’s participating hotels and serviced residences in Singapore and Malaysia. All members are required to seek written approval from their companies to participate in FAR MORE Rewards. If you require further clarification, please email our Membership Services Office at [email protected].

1. Definitions
1.1 “FEH” means Far East Hospitality Management (S) Pte. Ltd.
1.2 “FEO Group” means Far East Organization and Far East Orchard Limited group of companies.  
1.3 “Company” means a company who is the employer of the Member and who has granted Written Approval to the Member to participate in the FMR Programme.
1.4 “FMR Programme” means the FAR MORE Rewards Programme operated by FEH from time to time for bookings made at
1.5. “FMR Programme Website” means the website
1.6 “Member” means an employee of a Company duly authorised by his/her Company to submit bookings at FMR Programme's participating hotels and serviced residences in Singapore and Malaysia.
1.7 “Membership” means participation in the FMR Programme.
1.8 “Personal Information” means the personal particulars provided by a person who has tried registering for Membership in the FMR Programme, including but not limited to name, email address, mailing address, NRIC or passport, and telephone numbers.
1.9 “Points” means rewards points awarded by FEH under the FMR Programme.
1.10 “Written Approval” means the written approval of a Company for its employee to be a Member of the FMR Programme and receive the benefits thereunder.

2. Membership Eligibility
2.1 FEH reserves the right to decide whether an employee of a Company is eligible to participate in the FMR Programme.
2.2 Employees of companies who carry on the business of travel agents, travel agencies, professional conference organizers, destination management companies, real estate agencies, relocation companies and any other booking intermediaries are not eligible to participate in the FMR Programme.
2.3 Employees of the FEO Group are not eligible to participate in the FMR Programme.
2.4 All Members are required to obtain the Written Approval and to produce the Written Approval for verification by FEH upon request at any time, including as a precondition for the grant of a Membership. FEH reserves the right to terminate the Membership of Members who cannot produce such Written Approval.
2.5 FEH reserves the right to terminate the Membership at any time without assigning any reason or giving any notice.
2.6 Membership will be terminated automatically upon a Member ceasing to be an employee of his/her Company.  
2.7 Upon termination of a Membership, all rights, benefits, points and privileges of the Member shall immediately cease and all points remaining in the Member’s account shall be forfeited immediately with no redemption value.
2.8 Membership privileges and Points are non-transferable.
2.9 Company may request for consolidation of multiple individual memberships under its company name into one corporate membership by completing the “Membership Consolidation Request” form (download here).  Information of individual memberships will be released to their employer upon verification and approval by FEH.  The Company is responsible to notify the affected members internally and members will not hold FEH liable for any consequences resulted from the consolidation and the membership information disclosure to their respective employers.

3. Earning Points
3.1 For the hotels and serviced residences designated by FEH as participating in the FMR Programme, Members earn Points per materialized room night for hotels, and materialized revenue for serviced residences.  
3.2 It is the Members’ responsibility to quote their FMR Membership number when making reservations in order to earn Points.
3.3 Members may check their account balance and transaction activities at the FMR Programme Website, or email [email protected] for an update.  
3.4 No Points will be awarded for bookings made via third party websites or for complimentary stays or barter/partnership arrangements.
3.5 Points will only be accorded to the original room type booked. Bookings at corporate rates qualify for Points, but bookings at discounted or promotional rates will not qualify for Points.
3.6 Members who have missing credit from their Member account should notify the Membership Services Office within thirty (30) days of the check-out date, failing which the relevant points will be forfeited.
3.7 All Points will be credited to a Member’s account within three (3) business days after guest check-out. For serviced residences stays, Points will be credited on a monthly basis.
3.8 Request for retro-active claims can be done via the website.  Please provide details which include membership number, name of hotel, guest’s name, stay period and confirmation number, if any.
3.9 Points will expire 12 months at the end of the equivalent month which they are earned. Points not redeemed before expiry will be automatically forfeited.
3.10 Points earned are available for use only in claiming rewards listed from time to time at the FMR Programme Website. Points do not bear monetary value, and cannot be exchanged for cash.

4. Claiming Rewards
4.1 Members may claim their rewards by logging in to the FMR Programme Website.
4.2 The issuance of a reward voucher does not constitute a reservation by FEH for a particular service. The Member is responsible to make his/her reservation and shall notify the relevant merchant that payment will be made with a reward voucher.
4.3 Members are to allow up to six (6) weeks for processing and delivery or collection of a reward voucher.
4.4 Where delivery is requested by a Member, a reward voucher will only be delivered to the specified mailing address of the Member claiming the award in his/her own country.
4.5 For overseas redemptions, the reward voucher can only be collected from FEH’s stipulated office in the respective country unless otherwise stated.
4.6 FEH is not responsible for requests and/or correspondence of Members lost or delayed in the mail.
4.7 Unused reward vouchers may not be extended nor returned for credit to the Members’ accounts nor exchanged for cash.
4.8 All privileges offered by participating merchants in the FMR Programme to Members are subject to availability and may change from time to time, at the discretion of FEH and the participating merchants, without prior notice.

5. General Rules
5.1 FMR Programme Membership numbers remains the property of FEH.
5.2 By registering for the FMR Programme, each Member represents and warrants that he/she has read and understood these terms and conditions and agrees to be bound by them.
5.3 Whenever there is a change of personal particulars or employment, it is the Member’s sole responsibility to update our Membership Services Office in writing.
5.4 The safekeeping of Membership numbers and reward vouchers are the sole responsibility of the Members.
5.5 The FMR Membership Services Office reserves the right to correct any Member statements or Points accrual or balances that are incorrect due to processing errors.
5.6 FEH reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions herein, rules, restrictions, FMR Programme benefits, and special offers without prior notice.
5.7 Earning of Points and redemption of reward vouchers are subject to all applicable laws and regulations.
5.8 FEH makes no warranties or representations, whether expressed or implied, and expressly disclaim any and all liability (including consequential damages) with respect to the quality of goods or services claimed, redeemed and/or enjoyed through the FMR Programme.
5.9 All conditions, warranties or other terms implied by law are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations. In the event any Member transfers the use of any reward vouchers, the terms and conditions herein shall also apply to the new voucher holder.
5.10 FEH reserves the right to adjust Point values as and when necessary to reflect changing market conditions.
5.11 Fraud or abuse concerning points or reward usage is subject to appropriate administrative and /or legal action by the FEH and / or participating merchants.
5.12 If any of these Conditions become void or unenforceable for illegality or otherwise in the country of the Company and/or the Member’s domicile, for any reason whatsoever, the Member’s participation in this FMR Programme shall immediately lapse and be of no effect and all Points in the Member’s account shall be cancelled with immediate effect.

6.  Privacy Clause
6.1 As part of the registration process and in the course of the FMR Programme, you must provide Personal Information.  You hereby acknowledge, agree and consent that the FEO Group may collect, use, disclose and process your Personal Information for the purposes of: (a) processing your registration and providing you with the services and products of FEO Group (including any disclosure to participating merchants of the FMR Programme) and (b) administering and/or managing your relationship and/or account(s) with FEO Group.
6.2 FMR respects the privacy of Members’ Personal Information and strives to maintain confidentiality. Please see our privacy policy for further information.

These Terms and Conditions may be amended by FEH from time to time.