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Privacy Policy

Notice of Cathay Hospitality Management (hereinafter referred to as “i-deal CLUB”) on the Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Information and Statement of Consent

The Undersigned, and the deputy agent/responsible party/auxiliary support assistant/authorized agent of the Undersigned understands and agrees with the i- deal CLUB in the collection, processing, or use of personal information, and the purposes and usage thereof, with notification of the following in accordance with applicable laws for the protection of personal information in relevant regions:

  1. The purpose of collection: Collecting, processing, and use of personal information on members within the scope of marketing and rendering of services for the members, and, through the integration of information for releasing timely information on hotel rooms, foods and beverages and related information, invitation to events, and marketing. The information will be the reference for subsequent services to members.
  2. Types of personal information for collection: Name, ID card number or passport number, e-mail account, and method of contact. The details of which are shown in the membership page of i-deal CLUB.
  3. The duration, regions, targets and means of using personal information:
    • Duration: Within the perpetuity of using personal information until the i- deal CLUB acts actively, or in ways agreed by the Undersigned or deputy agent/responsible party/auxiliary support assistant/authorized agent of the Undersigned in writing, or in the means agreed by the Company to request for halting the collection, processing or use of personal information.
    • Regions: The locations of i-deal CLUB and institutions of outsourced services, and of the institutions in business relations with i-deal-CLUB
    • Targets: Institutions providing outsourced services to i-deal CLUB, and institutions in business relation with i-deal CLUB, partner institutions with i-deal CLUB for providing services to members (hereinafter known as “i- deal CLUB and partner institutions).
    • Means: Through automated devices or other means beyond automation (hard copy or electronic file).
  4. Pursuant to Article III of the “Personal Information Protection Act” of the “ROC”,or personal information protection law of relevant regions, the Undersigned and the deputy agent/responsible party/auxiliary support assistant/authorized agent of the Undersigned may exercise the following rights with notice in writing or the means as agreed by i-deal CLUB and the partner institutions:
    • Search, view, or request for copies. i-deal CLUB may charge a fee as provided by law.
    • Request for supplementary information or correction with appropriate explanation provided by the Undersigned and the deputy agent/responsible party/auxiliary support assistant/authorized agent of the Undersigned as required by law.
    • Request to stop collecting, processing, use, and delete personal information except the part of information required by law or dictated by business operation of i-deal CLUB.
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  6. Social Media Functions and Widgets:  The social network applications on i-deal CLUB websites can in some cases allow the social networks concerned to identify you even if you did not click on the application button. This type of button can allow a social network to track your browsing on i-deal CLUB websites, simply because your account in the social network concerned is enabled on your device (open session) while you are browsing. We recommend that you read the policies of these social networks to familiarize yourself with how they use the browsing information they may collect, especially with regard to advertising. These policies must specifically allow you to make choices on these social networks, particularly by configuring your user accounts for each of them. i-deal CLUB may provide you the opportunity to post content publicly through interactive features. You may choose, through such features or otherwise, to submit or post reviews, comments, photographs, audio files, video files, and suggestions related to us or otherwise post free form comments (collectively, “User Content”). Please note that certain information, such as your name and country of residence, and a link to any website URL you provide may be publicly displayed by i-deal CLUB along with your User Content. However i- deal CLUB will not publish your e-mail address or other contact information with these comments. Note that any User Content you post is public – others will have access to your User Content and may read, see, use, and/or share it with third parties. If you choose to voluntarily disclose Personal Information in your User Content, that information will be considered public information and the protections of this Privacy Policy will not apply. If you submit User Content, it may be published online or offline (including through i-deal CLUB, on-air, in a DVD, or any other format currently existing or later developed). In addition, we may use your User Content and any excerpt from your User Content in connection with our advertising, marketing, publicity, and promotional activities.
  7. The influence on rights and privileges under no supply of personal information:
    • The Undersigned and the deputy agent/responsible party/auxiliary support assistant/authorized agent of the Undersigned are fully discrete to provide personal information. If so, i-deal CLUB may not be able to proceed to necessary review and processing the extent to which no related services can be provided.