·What is the Amazzing Club?

AMAZZING CLUB is a Loyalty Program launched by Cathay Hospitality Management (CHM) to reciprocate to our valued guests for their enthusiastic support throughout the years. We strive to further extend our service and hospitality by offering point rewards, gift redemptions, as well as a myriad of member-exclusive room and restaurant privileges. Whether business or leisure, make your trip worthwhile to the hilt by visiting smart and comfy HOTEL COZZI (HOTEL COZZI Minsheng Taipei, HOTEL COZZI Zhongxiao Taipei, HOTEL COZZI Ximen Tainan, HOTEL COZZI Zhongshan Kaohsiung), or urbane and boutique MADISON TAIPEI HOTEL.

·How to become a member of the Amazzing Club?

You may apply for membership online via the official website of Amazzing Club by clicking MEMBERSHIP. After these steps, you will be a member and start to enjoy the exclusive services to members.

·Will a membership card be issued to members of the Amazzing Club?

For acquiring Amazzing Club membership card, members are advised to apply for membership online via the official website of Amazzing Club by clicking MEMBERSHIP. Once this procedure is completed, the system will be a virtual membership card in lieu of a physical membership card. Whenever you arrive at a CHM and Amazzing Club hotel, restaurant, and partner institutions and enjoy the service of members, you may be asked to prove your Amazzing Club member identity, or other photo ID (such as ID card, passport, of national health insurance card) to authenticate your membership identity and provide you exclusive membership services.

·Is there a membership fee?

There is no membership fee for joining the Amazzing Club.

·How many types of membership in the Amazzing Club?

Amazzing Club members are entitled to exclusive privileges and bonus points by type of membership. Any spending qualified for such purpose will entitle the member to earn 1 bonus point for every NT$20 of spending (Classic). Membership is classified below with corresponding bonus point entitlement:
  • Classic: Spending of every NT$20 will earn 1 bonus point (the amount falling below NT$20 will not be counted for this purpose).
  • Honor: Spending of every NT$18 will earn 1 bonus point (the amount falling below NT$18 will not be counted for this purpose).
  • Master: Spending of every NT$16will earn 1 bonus point (the amount falling below NT$16 will not be counted for this purpose).


·How to upgrade my membership?

Amazzing Club offers 3 types of personal memberships and all new members will be granted the status of Classic members. The system will automatically upgrade your membership status to the next level if the following conditions are satisfied. The membership type and rules for upgrade are specified below:
  • Classic:
    Free membership and valid permanently.
  • Honor:
    Staying from 10 times to 24 times every year;
    or, lodging from 25 nights to 49 nights every year. Validity is one year.
  • Master:
    Staying at least 25 times every year;
    or, lodging at least 50 nights every year. Validity is one year.
※ Of all types of Amazzing Club personal membership, Classic is freely granted permanently, Honor and Master are valid for one year from the month of upgrade. If a specific member cannot satisfy all the requirements of membership or upgrade in the year after the upgrade, such member will be resumed to the previous membership status from the same month of the next year (and so forth).
※ For information on the membership benefit exclusive to relevant membership categories, refer to the complete information on members.



·How many times can I apply for membership?

Each Amazzing Club member may register for one ID only and cannot register twice and cannot register for membership under the title of a third party. If the system detects repeated registration for membership, CHM and Amazzing Club reserve the right to cancel or terminate the member ID of such member. In addition, the offender should also surrender all the benefits earned under membership status (including but not limiting to bonus points and gifts).

·What is the amount of spending qualified for bonus points?

  1. For earning Amazzing Club bonus points, members must satisfy the requirement of consumption with payment in conformity to the requirement of the Amazzing Club on earning personal bonus points by spending on lodging in designated rooms and for food and beverages (excluding service charge). Each bill for consumption must at least amount to NT$20 so as to earn bonus point under membership status. Qualified spending on hotel rooms include: room rent and expenses incurred from upgrade of room, early check-in and late check-out, conference and banquets (food and beverages for small banquet of 19 persons or less),additional bed, and extra breakfast service.
※ Qualified spending on hotels rooms for earning Amazzing Club personal bonus points will be limited to one room for one Amazzing Club member at the same period of time for hotel lodging. There will be no repetition in accumulation of bonus points.

·What is the amount of spending unqualified for earning bonus points?

Amount of spending not qualified for earning Amazzing Club personal bonus points includes but is not limited to: special offer package, group price merchandises, hotel room booking and spending on food and beverages through the channels of a third party beyond the official websites of CHM and Amazzing Club, spending on special offer hotel room or coupon for food and beverages, conference and banquets (except for food and beverages for small banquet of 19 persons or less), free of charge hotel rooms, food and beverages or from redemption with bonus points, or coupons, limousine service, activities of special programs, and additional spending on recreational facilities, purchase or cash+bonus point redemption of hotel souvenirs or guest room amenities,and the expenses incurred from cancellation of reservation or booking of hotel rooms and tables for foods with no show, the expenses incurred from buying hotel amelities (included use points plus cash and use cash).
 All the above will not qualify for redemption of Amazzing Club bonus points.  

·When will the bonus points credited my account after check-out from hotel lodging?

If your room rate qualifies for redemption of bonus points, the Amazzing Club bonus points will be credited to your membership account within 7 working days (excluding weekends and recognized holidays) after you checked out and settled the payment. The system of the service supplier will automatically transfer the bonus point into your Amazzing Club membership account. 
If the bonus points you earned did not credited your account within this period of time, please contact our membership service center by:

·When will the membership bonus points expire?

The bonus points you earned from qualified spending at your Amazzing Club membership account will be accumulated from the month of redemption and will expire after a period of 2 years. For example, you have newly earned bonus points on 2016/10/19, you may use the bonus points until 2018/10/31.
※ Offering bonus points as gifts, transfer or merging of bonus points, or bonus points earned from specific marketing events, will be governed by relevant rules and regulations of related events.

·Could bonus points already earned be changed, cancelled, or returned?

We apologize that the Amazzing Club membership bonus points for matching cash transactions or for exchange for merchandises in whole or in part may be cancelled by CHM and Amazzing Club if any party or under force majeure that such transactions or exchange should be paid for or partly paid for, with cancellation of ordering or refund instantaneously of subsequently. The bonus points being used for completing the transactions of merchandises in whole or in part cannot be changed and the bonus points will not be returned.

·Is it necessary to inform the Amazzing Club membership center of any change in cell phone number, e-mail or address?

If you have any change in the basic member information at Amazzing Club, please access the Amazzing Club website or use the APP installed in the mobile device to update your information to protect your rights and privileges of membership. If you did not update your profile on time, to the extent that merchandise or service is delayed, e-mail is lost or cannot be used, reservation and purchase of merchandise or services from the Amazzing Club website, and other rights and privileges of members were affected, CHM and Amazzing Club disclaim any liability thereof.

·How to make inquiry if I forget my password?

You may apply for a new password at the member website. You just have to choose forget password on the menu of the membership zone and follow the procedure as instructed.  Your new password will be sent to the e-mail you registered in the system.