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Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

Vouchers: 80

9 Bras Basah Road Singapore 189559 

Website: https://www.fareasthospitality.com/en/Hotels/Rendezvous-Hotel-Singapore

Contact: +65 6336 0220 or +65 6881 8888

Email: info.rhs@fareast.com.sg

About us

Situated in the Arts & Heritage District, Rendezvous Hotel Singapore at Bras Basah reflects the history and trendsetting nature of its surroundings.  
Art inspires everything that we do. By setting the retro elements and heritage of the neighbourhood against the hotel’s contemporary interior design, we strive to evoke an appreciation of the arts both past and present.
Be immersed in a multi-sensory art experience that weaves in different art mediums ranging from static sculptures and paintings to interactive multimedia art installations. These different interactive art forms come together to form a unique hotel experience that lets you stay at the very heartbeat of the arts culture in Singapore.


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Hotel: Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

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Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

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Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

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Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

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