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Kunlun Prestige Club (KPC) is The Kunlun Beijing's frequent guest recognition program.

As a KPC member, not only will you enjoy extraordinary service and preferential treatment, but also special prices, simplified reservations, and streamlined check-in procedures.

KPC has three levels of membership: Jade, Gold, and Diamond. All levels of enrollment and privileges are based on the number of times you stay at The Kunlun Beijing.


Terms and Conditions

The more you stay at The Kunlun Beijing, the more benefits you will receive! As your KPC membership is upgraded, you will receive more complimentary services and rewards.


Membership Qualifications:


Jade Level Membership Requirements:


Introductory Level. After completing the KPC Enrollment form, a guest may become a Jade level KPC member and receive a number of benefits and privileges, including special Points which may be collected at outlets throughout the Hotel (including dining outlets), to be redeemed for a variety of awards.


Gold Level Membership Requirements:


When a guest stays at The Kunlun Beijing at least 30 nights during a 12-month period over 1200 RMB average rate (*rate may changeable annually subject to market conditions without pre-notification), membership will be upgraded to the Gold level.


Diamond Level Membership Requirements:


When a guest stays at The Kunlun Beijing at least 50 nights during a 12-month period over 1400 RMB average rate (*rate may changeable annually subject to market conditions without pre-notification), membership will be upgraded to the Diamond level.


Valid Stays, Calculating Room Prices


The membership structure outlined above is only applicable to independent travelers, excluding all complimentary rooms or rooms booked as part of a tour group.


When a guest reserves several rooms under one name, only the room in which the named KPC member actually stays may be applied toward the KPC program's nights. Additionally, while still receiving all KPC member benefits, you can participate in our Points Reward Program, which will allow you the opportunity to earn specially prepared gifts and prizes.


The Kunlun Prestige Club membership card is valid for 10 years from the date of issue.


If within a 12-month period a KPC Gold Member does not stay at least 30 nights, or a KPC Diamond Member does not stay at least 50 nights, the Hotel reserves the right to downgrade membership to the appropriate level.


The Kunlun Beijing reserves the right to end KPC membership by providing written notice to members 6 months in advance. In such an event, your right to earn points and rewards can end six months after the notice is sent, regardless of the extent of your participation in the program.


The Kunlun Beijing retains the right to amend any terms, conditions, benefits, and services pertaining to the KPC program at any time. This includes increasing levels or number of points required for a reward, changing or removing our travel partner rewards, and others amendments which shall be determined at The Kunlun Beijing's discretion.


To ensure that you receive all KPC membership benefits and services, please provide your card number when making room reservations, and present your card upon check-in.


All interpretations of the terms and conditions of this program shall be at the sole discretion of The Kunlun Beijing.


The Kunlun Beijing is not responsible, and assumes no liability, for changes in partner services.


Benefits and Privileges


Membership Benefits




1 KPC Point earned per eligible RMB 1 spent

NEW! 50% bonus KPC Points per eligible RMB 1 spent


Free to use the Fitness Center ( limited during the stay)

Free local call


Local newspapers

International newspapers and magazines



NEW! Welcome amenity at check-in


Late Check-out until 2pm



Late Check-out until 4pm



15% off the restaurant spent (exclusive of banquet)


NEW! One free breakfast for double occupancy


NEW! Priority to arrange better view or favorite room


Enjoy treatments of Executive Floor



NEW! Free upgrade to a higher level room type (subject to room availability, exclusive of suites)



Free one-way airport transfer service per stay





Executive Floor Benefits For Diamond Members:

Welcome Champagne Upon Arrival

Complimentary broadband and wirelessinternet usage

Complimentary 2 pcs/ day, laundry 1 pcs/ day

Complimentary wake-up call with beverage

Members of participating Frequent Flyer Programs receive mileage awards per day

24-hour butler service

Free use of the Summit Club Lounge with the following complimentary services:

Daily buffet breakfast

Fresh fruit and beverages throughout the day

Complimentary Afternoon tea from 16:00 to 18:00

18:00 to 20:00 Happy hours with cocktails and snacks

Local and international newspapers and magazines

Meeting room usage (up to 4 hrs; advanced booking required)


KPC Member Point Rewarding Regulations

Earning points:

Every 1 Yuan Renminbi spent during the members stay at the hotel (either on his room or on food and beverage) may earn him 1 points.

Point expiration date:

The valid period for the points earned is 3 years. After the expiration date, the points will be lost.

Conditions for earning points:

KPC members are eligible for earning points in this program as outlined in the Point Rewards Program Terms and Conditions. Ctrip and Elong are not eligible for membership.

Point Rewards Program Validity

The Kunlun Beijing retains the right to limit, postpone, suspend, or cancel this Point Rewards Program, informing members by means of a written announcement 60 days in advance. In a situation of this kind, no matter what your status in the Point Rewards program, your ability to accumulate points will be annulled 60 days after the written notice, and 90 days after the notice, your ability to exchange points will be annulled. Any points that have not been exchanged on or before the closing date cannot be exchanged.

Membership cancellation

Owing to, but not limited to, the following reasons, The Kunlun Beijing retains the right to cancel any KPC members membership, or render void any and all points not yet exchanged.

Violating any of the Terms and Conditions

Any misinterpretation of information; or misuse of this Point Rewards Program

Failure to pay any hotel charges

Cheating or abusing any part of this Point Rewards Program

An individual KPC member having a record in his account of the above conditions

Any other actions or means warranting the deduction of points

The Kunlun Beijing has the right to interpret aforementioned terms and conditions.

Altering the terms and conditions The Kunlun Beijing retains the right to alter, restrict, amend, or cancel all or part of the terms and conditions (including the number of points earned for one nights stay), rules, benefits, participation factors, rewards, and reward levels of the Point Rewards Program at any time. These alterations may affect points already earned or reward prices. The KPC member must abide by these alterations and whatever effects they may bring about.

Notification of alterations

Any alterations to the KPC terms and conditions posted on the hotel website (www.thekunlunbeijing.com) are effective immediately. Even without other notification, the KPCs current procedures and exchange regulations will be based on the regulations as posted on the website.

Any changes to the printed booklet version of the terms and conditions will be contained in the next printing of the booklet. If there are any alterations, The Kunlun Beijing will do its best to notify KPC members.

Points earned for hotel stays

KPC members may only collect points for their hotel stay after they have paid for the entire stay.

Points may only be collected by the KPC member whose name appears on the reservation.

If two or more KPC members are staying in the same room at the same time, only the member whose name the room is registered under may be eligible for points.

Each KPC member may only receive points for one room per night, regardless of how many rooms are under his name or how many rooms he paid for.

Even if the entire room charge has been paid, "no shows" may not merit points and/or count toward the Point Rewards Program.

Rooms that are booked as part of a group reservation (10 or more rooms), whether through a travel agency, a company, or for a conference, may not receive points through the KPC Point Rewards Program.

Food and Beverage Points

All food and beverage purchases in the hotel and charged to the KPC members room will be counted toward this rewards program. Purchases made by any other method cannot be exchanged for points. If two or more KPC members eat together and pay for it on one bill, only the member whose room was charged may receive points from the purchase.

Value of points

KPC points may not be traded in for cash. They are only valuable after being traded according to the terms and conditions of this Point Rewards program.

Points do not have a fixed monetary value.

When the KPC Point Rewards program talks about points being won or earned, the meaning is gathered or collected, and should not be inferred to mean that the points have any monetary value, except for what they are traded in for.

Points may not be sold, purchased, or transferred, without notification from the hotel.

Adjusting points

The points in the KPC accounts are constantly changing, reflecting the actual occupancy, any adjustments, and any alterations in the Point Rewards program. If you feel the information on your account activity report is inaccurate, please Contact the Kunlun Prestige Club and we will adjust your points appropriately. Please retain any receipts from your hotel stay in case they are needed for any future point alterations.

Failure to receive notification

The Kunlun Beijing bears no responsibility for letters, applications, or items lost in the mail; or any losses or damages due to an incomplete bonus certificate, failure to adhere to all regulations, delay, loss, or theft.

Exchanging points

All points must be exchanged via the hotels website. The hotel will not accept exchanges by phone.

Interpreting promotional activities

The Kunlun Beijing claims all rights to the interpretation of the terms and conditions of this promotional activity.

The Kunlun Beijing has the right to add to, amend, delete, or alter these terms and conditions or any regulations associated with this Point Rewards program with or without notice.

Earning bonus stays

Bonus stays won from accumulating points must have advance reservations.

A bonus stay is applicable to one night in a Premier Deluxe Room (including tax). There must be a record of each bonus stays reservation on the KPC Members account, so that the appropriate points will be deducted from the point total. There is a limited number of rooms in the hotel, and reservations may be made after considering the occupancy situation and the supply of available rooms. There is a possiblity that reservations for bonus stays may not be able to be made during the peak season.

The bonus stay includes the price of the room. Any laundry, telephone, gratuity, or other fees will be the responsibility of the guest.

KPC members receiving a bonus stay will have a guaranteed reservation. The room will be guaranteed. The points will be deducted from the KPC members account when he or she contacts the hotel to confirm their reservation. If there is any cancellation, late arrival, change of plans, or no show, the points will not be returned to the members account.